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NO water pressure at one of my faucets?

Q: Why does only of my faucets(fill in the blank, kitchen sink, bathroom, etc) have little or no pressure, yet the others work fine?

A: Keep it simple, unscrew the end of the faucet where the screen/filter is, see if it is clogged up, if so, clean it out, put it back on and then see if it is fixed. If not, soon I will continue the next steps to check 🙂

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Propane Issue

Q: Stove top burners lite but only about half flame when set to high. Hot water heater is about the same – low flame. The furnace will light but immediately go out.

A: This happens most commonly for this reason: There is a part of the propane regulator subsystem that controls amount of propane in the event of a rupture of one of the propane lines and will slow down the flow or stop it completely. Try this before doing anything else:  Shut off the propane valve, make sure all propane appliances are turned off, then SLOWLY open the propane valve. Check your stove to see if that resolved your issue.

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Q: While trailer is hooked up to tow vehicle, can I use my microwave?

A: Nope, microwave needs AC voltage just like at a house, so you need to be hooked up to either shore power or be running a generator to get the electricity you need to run the microwave.