Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide

Q: Should I worry about CO poisoning in my RV?

A: As long as you have a CO (Carbon Monoxide) detector and a propane detector you will be fine, they do have a life on them somewhere between 5-7 yrs usually, some will beep when gotten to the end of their life, some will not, so check to see when it was manufactured or the stated expiration date on it. Welcome to RVing

Beeping Carbon Monoxide


Q: What is that beeping?

A: Could be either your carbon monoxide (CO) or propane detector, see which one it is first. They beep usually for 3 different reasons:

1:either propane or CO carbon monoxide is detected

2: battery is low

3. It is due to be replaced.

Additionally, farts (dog or human) can set the propane detector also.

Carbon Monoxide Furnace

CO vs CO2

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