RV Refrigerator, how level?

Q: How level does my RV fridge have to be?

A: Based on specifications from Norcold Training Manual,

Off-Level Operating Limits

Side-to-Side: 3 degrees maximum tilt off from level.
Front-to-Back: 6 degrees maximum tilt off from level.

Most people have a level(or can get a free app) on their phone, I use this:


Refrigerator Level ?

Q: How do I know if my RV Absorption Refrigerator is level enough to not cause damage?

A: Two ways:

  • Exact (ok roughly exact) way: Get out a 6 inch level and check front to back and side to side, if the bubble is somewhere inside the two innermost lines on the level from both directions, it is close enough.
  • Rough estimate: As stated by a member of How to RV for Newbies group on Facebook: My best level is a canned good! Put it in the middle facing front to back and side to side! If it doesn’t roll, we’re good!


Fridge freezing everything.

Q: How do I change the temp?

A: Look in fridge, back wall, on the fins is usually a little sensor, slide it up to make it colder, down to make it warmer.