• Are you a new RV owner?
  • Do you have many questions about RVing?
  • Was your walk through(or maybe you didn’t get one) at the dealership just a whirl-wind tour and you are still needing somethings answered?
  • Do you still wonder what is the black tank?

People learn different ways, some like youtube videos, others like to read and others like to have someone to chat with about their questions and others want someone to talk to face to face. If you are one of the last 2 types, I’m here for you.

I offer RV mentoring, whether it is talking on the phone, chatting via the internet or going with you on your first camping trip with your RV. I’ve been an RV owner for 13 yrs and work as an inspector and repair man(at a dealership). So there is very little I can’t either answer off the top of my head or at a minimum find the answer for you. See your options here.

Interested? Contact me, Joe at 740-206-8522(call/text) or email at